Life Without MIM: Moving ILM to the Cloud

And moving towards Zero Trust in the process.

In the Microsoft world, Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) and its predecessors have been the mainstay of identity lifecycle management (ILM) for almost two decades. Much of its functionality can and is being smoothly migrated to the cloud (to Azure AD), but there are some MIM functions that Azure AD can’t yet handle.

For organizations using MIM and wanting to move towards a zero trust security model, there are options for cloud-based ILM.


In this webinar recording, OCG Senior Architect Robert McFadden covers:

  • Quick review of Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM), Access Management (IAM), and Identity Governance Administration (IGA)
  • Where we’ve been: the historic role of MIM
  • Where we’re going: Microsoft’s vision for identities in the cloud
  • An overview of Microsoft Entra
  • Deeper dive into Azure AD new features, including Lifecycle Workflows (public preview)

Life Without MIM: Moving ILM to the Cloud View the recording