Office 365 Authentication Methods – Which One is Right for your Organization?

What is the best Office 365 authentication method for your organization?

Choosing the right authentication method for Office 365 looks simple on paper, but when you get down in the weeds and take a closer look you may realize it’s not that easy. And with the recent launch of Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication, there are now more methods to choose from.

In the webinar recording from March 2017, OCG architect Chris Lloyd evaluates a range of authentication options including password-hash sync, ADFS, and the new Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication.

Chris recently worked with a customer that implemented Office 365 with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Authentication using ADFS was the only option provided to them by the consulting company that performed the Exchange migration. But they weren’t a large organization and they lacked the resource requirements to ensure that ADFS was always operational. In fact, ADFS had gone down twice in the past year due to network-related issues, proving that authentication with ADFS might not be the best choice for them.

ADFS is a great feature of Windows Server, but for some organizations it can be overkill. So, Chris introduced the IT administrators to the password-hash sync and the newly released pass-through authentication methods. They were thrilled that they could decommission their ADFS farm and lower their infrastructure footprint.

If you’re just starting out with Office 365 or re-evaluating your authentication options with Office 365, it is very important to weigh your options carefully. Watch Chris’s webinar for a complete rundown on authentication options with Office 365.

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