Moving Beyond Passwords

The reality of a passwordless world is taking shape. With new authentication standards like WebAuth becoming widely adopted, and hardware manufacturers adding more biometric capabilities into their devices, the password could soon be heading for obsolescence.

Are you prepared for a world without passwords?

Organizations continue to spend millions of dollars on solutions designed to provide secure access to critical enterprise systems and keep identities and digital assets secure. But a mobile workforce and the continually growing portfolio of cloud-based platforms and applications is making it more difficult and costly to keep those systems secure. And, despite their efforts, organizations remain vulnerable due to a continued dependency on usernames and passwords.


In this webinar, OCG Principal Architect Frank Urena discusses:

  • How organizations can use existing technologies to lessen the dependency on user passwords
  • Rethinking password policies that increase the chances of compromised credentials
  • How the FIDO2 standard is bringing us closer to realizing a world where passwords are a thing of the past

If you are responsible for enterprise security in your organization or are just interested in learning how to prepare for the passwordless age, this webinar recording is for you.