How Phish Net Protects Education Institutions from Phishing Attacks

Education institutions are a frequent target of phishing campaigns by cybersecurity attackers. Find out how Phish Net can help detect and prevent phishing in schools.

Microsoft and Oxford Computer Group have developed Phish Net to detect and prevent phishing attacks. A valuable prevention method for all types of organizations, Phish Net is particularly useful for educational institutions. Why?

A typical phishing attack sends fake emails that appear to come from a trusted source and tricks targets into giving away sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, or credit card details.

Contact information on public websites makes education institutions an easy target!

In a common phishing scenario used against education institutions, a bad actor scopes a college or district to acquire information. Many schools list contact information for school officials and staff members on public websites, which is then used by the bad actor to impersonate a high-ranking staff member. They will then wait for that staff member to be out of the office to send an urgent request to finance to pay a fraudulent invoice for common items and services.

It is easy for users who aren’t familiar with phishing attacks to take the bait unknowingly. So how can you keep your organization safe?

Phish Net helps to Prevent Phishing in Schools

To combat phishing attacks, Microsoft and Oxford Computer Group created Phish Net, a comprehensive method for fighting against compromised accounts in Azure Active Directory.

Phish Net uses Azure services and products, including Advanced Security Management in Cloud Application Security, Advanced Threat Protection, Power BI, and Flow.

How does Phish Net work?

  • Cloud App Security detects nefarious activity
  • Flow processes the activity and determines whether an attack is being attempted
  • Azure Automation initiates automatic remediation if an attack is detected
  • Power BI analyzes the post-attack data

Want to learn more about how Phish Net can help you detect and prevent phishing attacks? Get the Phish Net PDF.

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