What you need to know about Privileged Access Management – PAM

IT security breaches are all too common, as are attacks using stolen credentials of those with privileged permissions. Stolen admin accounts enable attackers to extract and damage data, delete or modify logs, and create new backdoor accounts to prevent their detection from the attacked system.

With the initial release of Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016, Microsoft has introduced a process called Privileged Access Management (PAM). This can limit the exposure of administrative credentials to attackers, and help prevent their theft and misuse.

The interaction between your core IAM system and the separate PAM system will be crucial to improve your overall system security. However, a poorly designed and implemented PAM process will not significantly or meaningfully improve your security posture. But it’s far from straightforward. Our webinar will cover what you need to know, including:

  • the aims of PAM’s functionality and an overview of its components
  • the opportunities and issues involved in its deployment
  • and the new features which will be delivered in the upcoming Service Pack for MIM 2016.

PAM was a hot topic at OCG’s US Summit in Redmond, WA in May 2016. In this webinar I present some of the many nuggets discussed there.

DURATION 45 minutes

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