Protect Data at Rest with Azure RMS

In a webinar in August 2015, I described how Microsoft Azure Rights Management Service (RMS) offers complete information protection to documents, email, and other sensitive and unstructured data.

Data at rest is data stored in digital form on a device such as a file server or workstation. Integrating Azure RMS with your on-premises systems allows your organization to bring the protection of Azure RMS to company data. The security stays with the asset, so irrespective of where it’s being accessed – it remains safe and can be shared across all devices. Chris described:

  • Azure RMS’s key management options
  • The RMS Connector, including a demo with File Classification Infrastructure (FCI)
  • and gave an overview and demo of the RMS Bulk Protection Tool

This webinar is the second installment in our Azure RMS webinar series. View a recording of the first installment here.