Saviynt and MIM: Adding Intelligence to your Identity Management Program

Despite significant investments in Identity Management (IDM) and Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) technologies over the past 15 years, organizations are still struggling to reduce risks, prevent breaches, gain insight for making informed decisions, and demonstrate ROI for stakeholders.

The less-than friendly IGA solutions that still require auditors to manually monitor and detect Segregation of Duties violations lack the ability to provide application-level access governance, and promote rampant rubber stamping in certification campaigns, are a compliance issue for internal and external audit teams.

Saviynt and MIM

In this webinar presented by Saviynt’s Nabeel Nizar, VP of World-Wide Solutions Engineering, learn how Saviynt and MIM can deliver a platform specifically designed to bring application governance to your identity management program. Nabeel discusses  how Saviynt and MIM can address challenges in Office 365, Azure, and hybrid IT infrastructures, without to ripping and replacing your current investment in MIM.

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