The Security Transformation – Fire-proofing, Not Fire-fighting

Traditional IT security is often characterized by black and white thinking, as exemplified by the corporate perimeter – you are either “inside” or “outside”.

In general, but especially in cloud environments, such concepts are no longer appropriate. We need new approaches, supported by new technologies, to protect corporate assets.

This security transformation is happening right now, and no one can afford to ignore it.

By embracing modern approaches to security, including risk-based detection and real-time automated remediation, your team can spend less time fire-fighting and more time fire-proofing.


In our April 2017 webinar my colleague James Cowling (CTO of Oxford Computer Group) and I discussed and demonstrated:

  • The key role played by identity management and governance, including measures to increase the trustworthiness of your identities.
  • How to build a new “corporate perimeter” using the latest Microsoft technologies and products such as Azure Security Center, Identity Protection, Conditional Access, Information Protection, Cloud App Security, Advanced Threat Analytics, and Privileged Identity Management.