Self Service with Azure AD Premium

The self-service password reset feature in Azure AD Premium has prompted many organizations to consider implementing it, but it’s way more than an SSPR one-trick pony!

Azure AD Premium now has recently has self-service application access added too, but the most flexible self-service component is, surely, group management (SSGM). And there’s even more to tell you about, but where do you start?

In this webinar recording from March 2016, CEO, Hugh Simpson-Wells examines the capabilities and limitations of the self-service features in Azure AD Premium, as well as its relationship between on-premises and cloud self-service. He demonstrates the admin and user experiences through the various portals available.

Sure, self-service frees up administrators for other work, but it does mean losing control. So how far should you go and what are the options? Hugh considers these questions and propose some answers.

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