SharePoint Patches Breaking MIM Portal Popups – Here’s a Fix

Update: Microsoft released a patch for this issue, which you can find here.

Microsoft released new SharePoint patches for September 2023 that are breaking the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) Portal. All the pages will load correctly in the MIM Portal until a popup appears, resulting in an error. This severely impacts usability as popups are required to see and change almost everything in the MIM Portal.


The pages load correctly in the browser, but ALL popups appear with the text “Unable to process your request.”

Sharepoint patches breaking MIM popups


  1. Launch SharePoint Management Shell as Administrator.
  2. Run the commands below:

$farm = get-spfarm

  1. Refresh the MIM Portal and validate popups are displayed correctly.


The “Known issues with this update” section mentions ASPX files not being displayed under certain circumstances. After searching for the specific text “92liq” in the SharePoint log, I determined this behavior was occurring. After following the provided link and ending up here I was able to use the data in the log entries below to apply the workaround:

92liq      Medium Blocking control with property traversal markup. [tagName: a][propName: data-title-text][type: BoundPropertyEntry]

92liq      Medium Blocking control with property traversal markup. [tagName: a][propName: data-link-to-tab-text][type: BoundPropertyEntry]

Known affected KBs:

  • KB5002501 – SharePoint Server Subscription
  • KB5002472 – SharePoint 2019
  • KB5002471 – SharePoint 2019
  • KB5002494 – SharePoint 2016
  • KB5002474 – SharePoint 2016


The first lesson to be learned here is to have a patch management process in place to validate all patches in a non-production environment. This is not the first SharePoint patch released that has negatively impacted the MIM Portal and it’s unlikely to be the last. Secondly, non-production environments must be tested to ensure that applications remain100% functional after changes. Simply bringing up the MIM Portal homepage would lead you to believe MIM Portal is working correctly, but that is not the case here.