A Dashboard for Visualizing and Managing Your Identity Data

This webinar recording is the first in a four-part series demonstrating how Identity Panel Suite can replace MIM when the time is right, and provide many additional benefits in the meantime. This first session covers Identity Panel and, while the webinars largely stand alone, it lays foundations for the other three webinars.

Identity Panel provides a single interface for managing, viewing and reporting on your identity data.

Organizations typically hold identity data in many repositories, such HR systems, registration systems, and directories. Identity Panel allows you to visualize this identity data from related objects (such as users and groups) across all your connected systems, whether you’re using Microsoft Identity Manager or Azure AD Connect to synchronize it.

With Identity Panel you can visualize data via custom reports through its innovative “Time Traveler” interface. It maintains a complete history of changes – allowing you to view your data as it is now, but also as it was at any point in the past, and to run historical reports at the click of a button.


Identity PaneI is codeless and cloud-based by design. It also has a comprehensive security model. It also keeps you informed of untoward events as they happen, as well as producing routine reports.

For organizations using MIM, it provides a window to MIM operational and identity data with an intelligent scheduling system. It also has a management console which is superior to that offered by MIM.

In this 30-minute webinar recording, OCG Founder Hugh Simpson-Wells provides an overview of the key features and benefits, along with a demo of the Identity Panel Suite in action.

A Dashboard for Visualizing and Managing Your Identity Data View the recording

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