Supercharge Office 365 with EM+S: Security, Groups, and Conditional Access

Organizations can supercharge Office 365 with the power of EM+S to create a more secure and productive environment for their workforce.

Active Directory groups have long been the backbone of security and messaging. They have also been used to drive many business processes in the traditional on-premises identity landscape. With Office 365 and EM+S, organizations can build on those capabilities to better protect their users and data.

In this webinar, OCG Senior Architect Chris Lloyd and Senior Consultant Drew St. John discuss:

  • How O365 can enhance your organization’s security
  • How to prevent corporate data leakage
  • O365 groups and how they relate to Azure AD groups
  • How to use groups to manage licenses, including a demo
  • O365 conditional access
  • An introduction to Microsoft Teams

If you’re trying to figure out how to maximize the value of Office 365, this webinar recording is for you.

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