How to transition from MIM? Ask the identity experts!

Many organizations are moving to cloud-based modern identity management to safeguard access to company resources, increase IT efficiency, and align to a Zero Trust model.

But how do you transition from Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) to the cloud? Where do you start? What questions keep you up at night?

This webinar recording aims to help MIM customers identify their path to the cloud, based on timing, business requirements, existing infrastructure, and security exposure.

Following an overview of MIM’s support timeline, our expert panel addresses key questions we are frequently asked by our customers. They also answer questions submitted in advance by attendees and respond to questions submitted during the webinar.

Topics covered include:

  • Which MIM features can be migrated to Azure AD?
  • Do you need a third-party tool?
  • Important considerations for governance and compliance
  • Choosing the best way forward for your organization’s identity program

Our expert panel:

  • Hugh Simpson-Wells, CEO, Oxford Computer Group
  • Tim Watson, Senior Architect, Oxford Computer Group
  • Jim Troyer, Delivery Manager and Senior Consultant, Oxford Computer Group
  • Randy Robb, Principal Consultant, Oxford Computer Group

How to transition from MIM? Ask the identity experts! View the recording