Securing your Organization with Passwordless Authentication

Password-based credentials continue to be the entry point of choice for sophisticated threat actors across enterprises. Every second, 579 password attacks are conducted – nearly 18 billion every year!

To quote Microsoft Chief Information Security Officer Bret Arsenault, “Hackers don’t break in. They log in.”

To reduce this risk exposure, IT Security is moving towards passwordless authentication using technology like biometric verification and public/private key cryptography. Going passwordless can bring a higher level of security, an improved user experience, and reduced IT support costs.

Whether you are fully invested in cloud technologies, are running in a hybrid topology, or have yet to begin your migration to the cloud, now is the time to assess your secure access strategy and begin planning for a passwordless future.

In this webinar recording, presented by OCG Principal Architect Frank Urena, learn how your organization can begin taking practical steps toward a passwordless state while leveraging capabilities in Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and Windows OS. Frank discusses:

  • Strategies for reducing dependence on passwords
  • Managing service accounts in Windows environments
  • How FIDO2 fits into your passwordless ecosystem
  • Enabling Windows Hello for Business for cloud native and hybrid environments

Securing your Organization with Passwordless Authentication View the recording