Microsoft Identity Manager and Azure AD training courses in the US

Oxford Computer Training‘s (OCT) legendary instructor, Paul Captainino, frequently travels to the US to present OCT’s MIM (Microsoft Identity Manager) and PAM (Privileged Access Management) training courses.

More than 90% of recent North American students rated Paul as as “excellent” instructor, and said they’d recommend the MIM and/or PAM course they attended to their colleagues.

Public, instructor-led courses are held in Washington State (Redmond or Bothell) but you can attend one of Paul’s live classes via Skype from the comfort of your own desk. Kerry F, a Web Application Developer from Canada, told us:

Paul is a great instructor. Very knowledgeable and funny! This is my second time taking a course via Skype with Oxford Computer Training. It worked great.

MIM training in Washington
MIM training with Paul Captainino

Here’s when and what Paul will be teaching:

We also run private courses for organizations – we’ll send Paul to you! Stephen Y, Systems Engineer, said:

Doing the course privately with colleagues is nice because we can discuss some of the issues surrounding our environment while learning.

“Worth flying in for!”

We get such great feedback!

Chris B, Infrastructure Engineer, US, who attended our MIM Foundation course in the classroom said:

The instructor was great… he knows this system inside and out. If we bring in a consultant he would be brilliant! The documentation and labs were spot on. Best lab documentation I have ever used.

 Casey M, System Admin, US, who attended our MIM Advanced course via Skype said:

This course was great. It covers a lot of the things that we had been hiring consultants for, and opens up a lot of possibilities for our organization.

James M, Programmer, US, who attended our MIM Expert course in the classroom said:

The course is essential for MIM developers. It covers areas that should be taught in Microsoft’s courses, which I have taken, but are left out.

Giovanny N, a Windows System Administrator from Massachusetts who attended our PAM course in our UK classroom, said:

Worth flying in for! I got a great understanding of what PAM is and what it will do to keep our company safe.

Hailemichael A,  a Programmer/Analyst, said:

The Azure AD Connect Masterclass goes into great detail about Azure AD Connect, and this information is not found anywhere in the Microsoft documentation that I have seen so far. The Masterclass goes to the bones of AAD Connect and gives you great insight into what’s going on underneath. I have used this product for a while, but there are some things I do where I don’t really have a good understanding of what’s going on. But this class makes it clear.

 MIM Foundation MIM Advanced MIM Expert PAM

Want to know more?

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