Seamless Credentials Verification with Credivera and Microsoft Entra

Enabling Zero Trust Security for the Workforce

With so many people joining, leaving, and working remotely, the need for strong identity and access strategies grows. HR departments are getting overwhelmed with outdated, manual processes that may introduce significant liabilities to the organization if employees or contractors are not representing their qualifications accurately.

Traditionally, people shared their personal information via physical documents upon being hired. With Entra Verified ID, every user can be authenticated for every task they perform across many credentials, such as professional licensing and employment history. They can also automatically reverify if those certifications have an expiration date.


By transforming from a “paper trail” to a digital platform that secures data, records and transactions, organizations can move verification into a real time exercise.

During this webinar recording, co-presented by Oxford Computer Group and Credivera, learn how Credivera and Microsoft Entra support workers with decentralized BYOID (bring your own ID).

We dive into how verified credentials can be used to access applications, facilities, and company data. We also discuss use cases already in production from organizations in highly regulated industries, showing how verified credentials can remove cost, risk, and complexity in the HR and IT departments.

Seamless Credentials Verification with Credivera and Microsoft Entra View the recording