IT consulting services to solve complex enterprise identity and mobility problems

Our range of IT services offer both peace of mind and a safe pair of hands to our customers. You need to know that your IT simply works, reliably and securely, so you can concentrate on running your business. That’s why we’re here.

Our projects are carried out with a proven methodology, honed over hundreds of projects. We use flexible processes, documentation, and design templates so you can be sure that your project will be completed on time, within budget. We don’t like nasty surprises either!

Our can-do attitude, personal service and 100% commitment to our customers means that together we’ll define your problem and find a way to solve it. If you like to get things done, you’ll like OCG. Our down-to-earth approach is simple: we get the job done.

Why our customers return to us time after time:

  • Deep knowledge of identity and access management and how it impacts on your IT infrastructure
  • A friendly, no-nonsense approach to projects
  • We listen and take care to understand your IT problems right now, as well as your ideal IT scenario – then we can make it happen
  • We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, so you know you’re getting the best
  • We look at the big picture and think strategically
  • All solutions are tailored to meet your unique business requirements
  • We don’t walk away at the end of a project. If you need ongoing support, you’ve got it!


Engagements with our customers usually start with a workshop.

Workshops allow us to understand your business, the challenges you face, and define what you’re trying to achieve. We can help you understand what’s technically possible, what can be achieved within your timescales and budget and the huge impacts and value that an infrastructure solution can have on your organization.

At the end of a workshop, you get a report with recommendations and a roadmap of next steps.

Our customers value our workshops for the knowledge they gain, our expert guidance and clear documented results.

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A strategy for the way ahead

We asRoad to Mount Rainiersess your current architecture and processes. With knowledge of your desired goals and business drivers we review organizational approaches and make recommendations.

We develop business justifications and define work streams. Out of this strategy we plan the way ahead – the most appropriate solutions and services for you.

Having a clearly defined strategy, aligned to your business plan, helps you to explain a project to your internal stakeholders, and helps us to create a project plan and its phases according to your unique circumstances.

Design and implementation


With a strategy in place, our technical architects and consultants design your solution. Our team works closely with you at every stage, testing and checking as we go.

Some customers like us to build a proof-of-concept or pilot, giving them the opportunity to feel the solution in real-world conditions.


When we’re all happy with the design and are satisfied with the solution, we then build and deploy it. This is usually phased so we can test and check as we go, and avoid nasty surprises. We dislike them as much as you.

As an award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the skills and expertise to customize and optimize the technologies used in your solution to work seamlessly -wherever possible – with your organization’s existing infrastructure and legacy systems.


OCG tools and software

Over the years we have developed a suite of our own tools to extend out-of-the-box software, accelerate implementations and get you up and running more swiftly and more efficiently!

For many of our customers, our tools – which can speed projects up by weeks and save you $$$$ – are a crucial differentiating factor between us and our competitors.

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Support and managed services

Cost-effective, efficient and reliable management and maintenance of your IT systems for complete peace of mind

It professional fixing computer problemTake the pain out of the management and maintenance of your systems with our managed services.

Whether your environment is simple or complex, we can help. Our support services include healthchecks, system updates, rapid response to incidents, and full management. Choose what you need.

Wave goodbye to nasty surprises, unforeseen expenses, and an overburdened IT team.

Say hello to IT investments performing at their best!

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Training in specialist Microsoft technologies

Learn the skills you need to manage your identity infrastructure

We train people around the world in Microsoft identity and access technologies.

Our close relationship with Microsoft allows us to examine and test technologies while they’re still in development, so you can be sure that what you learn on our courses is entirely up-to-date.

We have trained more students in identity and directory technologies than any other training provider: 7,000 on five continents since 2002.

Wherever you want your training – in the classroom, privately, in your offices or online, we can be right there.

View our short video for a taste of what OCG Learning has to offer.

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