The firewall is history! The future is Identity-driven security

If you’ve ever worried about any of these…

  • I can’t control access based on user location, device state, or ownership.
  • I can’t keep track of who has accessed (or tried to access) sensitive data.
  • My users are sharing sensitive data outside the organization.
  • My users don’t know what data is considered sensitive and what isn’t.
  • Our privileged accounts with permanent access to the keys to the kingdom are a huge security risk.
  • I need flexible and appropriate authentication mechanisms.
  • I need to know when a breach has happened before it’s too late.
  • Insecure and potentially infected personal devices contain corporate data.
  • Compromised credentials are being used to access sensitive data.
  • I know we’re not ready for of the Internet of Things.


The cloud and hybrid world demands a transformation in your approach to security

What we can do for you

  • Security posture assessment Security transformationWe examine your current security posture and recommend improvements to safeguard your enterprise.
  • Threat management Detect threats in real time and react swiftly and decisively to them.
  • Access management Stay in control of who has access to corporate data and what they can do with it.
  • Mobile device management Protect corporate data even when it’s held on your users’ devices.
  • Data loss prevention Classify corporate data based on risk, and protect highly sensitive data even when’s it’s outside the organization.

What you get

  • Strong authentication mechanisms, so that users can work securely from anywhere on their favorite devices.
  • Additional controls for sensitive data and at-risk devices.
  • The ability to wipe corporate data from mobile devices when necessary.
  • Privileged access only when and to the extent needed.
  • Data is classified by sensitivity, accessed only by authorized users, and is protected even if it leaves the organization.
  • Detection of nearly all suspicious activity and swift response to threats with – in some cases – automatic remediation.
  • The ability to see and track data access, to monitor threats in real time, historically and forensically.

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