What is an Envisioning Workshop?

An Envisioning Workshop will help you understand the technologies, the challenges, the benefits, and the way ahead.

It’s a way of discovering what’s available, what’s feasible, what’s possible!

Take the first steps on the road to finding out what’s possible for your IT infrastructure with a Envisioning Workshop. Whatever solution you’re seeking for your organization, we can conduct a envisioning workshop in it. For example, what your business needs may take in some or all of these areas:

Of course, many of these areas overlap, so if you’re not precisely sure what it is you need, we can work with you to devise a strategy for the way ahead according to your business goals.

What happens during an Envisioning Workshop? What do I get?

Our workshops guide you through the maze of interconnected technologies. We explore your organization’s challenges, and show you some of the solutions. Finally, we will consider how to get your organization’s IT infrastructure where it needs to be.

Through a combination of workshops (virtual or in-person), discussions, interviews, and analysis, our highly experienced consultants will:

  • Gather detailed information about your IT infrastructure, and identify how to meet your long term goals based upon the business and/or technical drivers
  • Review strategies and deployment options for the future
  • Present a roadmap with clearly defined next steps to guide your decision making

A workshop typically takes 5 days, but may be shorter or longer depending on the size and scope of your enterprise.

Our customers value our workshops for the knowledge they gain, our expert guidance and clear, documented results.

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