Microsoft 365 Envisioning Workshop

With an Microsoft 365 Envisioning Workshop, Oxford Computer Group will lay out a scalable, robust, and secure solution to better protect your data, resources, and users.

A Microsoft 365 Envisioning Workshop will help you implement the latest security features, ensure access is controlled across the enterprise, and stay compliant with applicable regulations.

The workshop includes a deep dive into capabilities and strategies for Microsoft 365. The end result is a recommended approach to deployment and clearly defined next steps.

If any of these sound familiar, you will benefit from a Microsoft 365 Envisioning Workshop:

  • Our organization has Microsoft 365, but we need help to realize its full value for identity management and security capabilities
  • We’re struggling to provide employees with secure access to organizational data from the devices they use
  • Our current solutions aren’t providing the level of collaboration and communication that is necessary for our fast-paced environment
  • We have partners, contractors, or clients who we need to be able to share content with easily and securely
  • Our organization lacks an identity strategy, which is preventing us from taking advantage of the full value of Microsoft 365

When Exchange, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Word, and the other M365 applications work together effortlessly, your users will have all the tools to be more productive and secure.

What happens during an Envisioning Workshop? What do I get?

Through a combination of workshops (virtual or in-person), discussions, interviews and analysis, our highly experienced consultants will:

  • Gather detailed information about your IT infrastructure, and identify how to meet your long term goals based upon the business and/or technical drivers
  • Review the strategies and deployment options for Microsoft 365, exploring both cloud and hybrid environments
  • Present a roadmap for deployment with clearly defined next steps