Security Transformation Envisioning Workshop

Is your organization ready for today’s cybersecurity challenges?

Get expert answers fast with a Security Transformation Envisioning Workshop

In an increasingly mobile world, new approaches – supported by new technologies – are needed to protect corporate assets. This security transformation is happening right now, and no organization can afford to ignore the risks – and opportunities – it presents.

  • How secure are your corporate assets?
  • What can you do right now to improve your security posture?
  • How can you best prepare for the future, and turn challenges into opportunities?

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What happens during an Envisioning Workshop? What do I get?

Through a combination of on-site workshops, discussions, interviews and analysis, our highly experienced consultants will:

  • Review your current security posture in light of your business objectives and the applicable threat landscape
  • Prepare a report on your current security posture, identifying immediate risks
  • Present a roadmap to inform and guide your decision-making