How Microsoft Azure Active Directory AD Connect enables cloud hybrid identity – webinar

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When it comes to IT infrastructure, there are still some all on-premises organizations, and there are some cloud-only organizations, but there are many with some of each, so-called ‘hybrid’ organizations. Hybrid is, effectively, the new normal.

In this webinar, which will include lots of demos, I will look at how Microsoft’s AD Connect tool enables hybrid identity management. Azure AD Connect integrates your on-premises directories with Azure AD in the cloud. This enables you to give your users a common identity for Office 365, Azure and SaaS apps integrated with Azure AD. I will not attempt to be comprehensive (impossible in half an hour), but I will nevertheless offer a practical, relevant and timely overview.

I will discuss:

  • Synchronization, which is a big part of any hybrid scenario. The ever-increasing capabilities of Azure AD Connect will be compared with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) which is the gold standard when it comes to synchronization – but on-premises.
  • When you should use MIM and when you should use Azure AD Connect.
  • How out-of-the-box capability can be extended (spoiler alert: a lot more than meets the eye!)
  • How inbound and outbound rules are configured, how to add your own rules, and how they will interact with out-of-the-box ones.
  • How to add your own connectors (for example, to an HR system).

Lots to think about, lots to talk about. There will be some slides, but mostly it will be DEMOS. So join me!

DATE Tuesday, August 2, 2016
TIME 7.30am PST | 10.30am EST | 3.30pm UK | 4.30pm Western Europe
DURATION 30 minutes (though be prepared for it to run over a little!)