keep the moving parts connectedBuilding complex identity solutions involves many highly detailed repetitive tasks – especially in the MIM portal. In addition to burning up consulting time, it’s all too easy for human error to creep in – and this can mean delays in projects going live as well as extra development costs.

Much of this can be avoided by deploying OCG tools

Oxford Computer Group is renowned worldwide as a leader in identity management solutions.

Over the course of many hundreds of successful identity projects, our consultants have identified ways to improve the implementation process, and enhance out-of-the box functionality. And our technical wizards have developed these ideas into a range of innovative tools that automate and simplify complex and repetitive processes, reduce the risk of human error, and save our customers time and money.

Our tools are so good that they are often cited by customers as a key reason for choosing us as their trusted identity partner. But they are also available to buy and use independently.

As part of our identity management solutions, we also offer several suites of enhancements and extensions to MIM that provide additional functionality, streamline processes, reduce the need for custom development – and get more for your money.

Speed, accuracy, and cost savings

Our tools bring pinpoint accuracy, consistency and vastly reduced development time to projects. It means we can pass on savings to our customers in both time and money.

  • Integration: Flexible tools designed for MIM.
  • Superfast! Significantly reduce development time so your solution is ready quickly.
  • Save money: Spend less on consultancy and development fees and avoid potentially costly project pitfalls.
  • Seamless migration: Save time, avoid frustration, and reduce risk involved in migrating changes between systems.
  • Security: Consistency will aid ongoing support and reduce maintenance worries.


Our tools are:

Costs: We charge a license fee for our tools: FIMalyzer $1550 | FIMigrator $7750 | RCDC Editor $775

Want a license for the full tool? Talk to OCG today.

“Over the years I’ve used most of these tools and components in a variety of projects, and they continue to impress me as much as they do our clients.”

MathewOCG technical consultant