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Microsoft’s enterprise-grade TECHNOLOGY allows businesses to achieve far more with way less.

Oxford Computer Group has the technical expertise and business foresight to ensure that organizations we work with get the most from their IT. Our consultants are in demand worldwide for their knowledge of Microsoft technologies and their ability to fine-tune them for greater impact.

This blog, by Microsoft’s Brad Anderson, neatly sums up how, by using Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite, you can protect your organization with identity-driven security.


Nearly all our solutions will involve, directly or indirectly, Active Directory and/or its extension in the cloud, Azure Active Directory. We have a long history of ‘traditional’ on-premises work, utilizing, for example, Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (now Microsoft Identity Manager), Exchange, SQL Server, System Center, and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (ADLDS).

Increasingly, our solutions are about cloud enablement and utilize Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite (which includes Intune, Azure AD, and Azure RMS ) – many of these solutions are a hybrid of on-premises and cloud applications and services.

In many of our solutions we deploy our own tools and software.

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

EMS is a package of technologies WHICH work together to solve many BUsiness challenges. We love it – and so will you!

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is comprised of Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM/MIM), Azure Active Directory Premium and Azure Rights Management (RMS) and Intune.  Together, they can create the integrated, enterprise-wide solutions for identity, security and mobility. For organizations wanting to tighten security, enable BYOD, and reap the benefits of the cloud, an infrastructure solution using EMS is a no-brainer.

Make no mistake, enterprise mobility management (EMM) is so much more than mobile device management. So yes, go ahead with a quick-fix for device management if you want. But we encourage you to think harder, think long-term, and think strategically. With EMS, we can put all the moving parts together for now, and for the future. And you’ll almost certainly save money. Here’s what Microsoft says about EMS.


EMS gives you

  • Comprehensive identity management on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Easy to maintain – it’s integrated! All parts are designed to work together.
  • Your workforce can use their favorite device: Windows, Android, or iOS
  •  The most cost-effective way of buying these technologies – an integrated suite. Let OCG help you get the maximum from all it offers

Get on the Road to Enterprise mObility







Azure AD & Azure RMS


Azure Rights Management Service

Even if your file-sharing policies are strict, your staff will inevitably share data by email, on USB sticks, and file-sharing sites because they need to. This may compromise your legal compliance to data protection laws.

Now, with Azure RMS, you can protect your organization’s assets and sensitive information from unauthorized access even after data has left your perimeter because the security encryption information stays with the data itself. You enforce the protection policies so you can still allow users to work effectively. It works not only for content created with Microsoft Office, but other applications too. At last you can stay in control!

FINd out More about Azure RMS in this recording of a webinar in which we DEMO the Product


Azure Active Directory

With Azure AD you can take control of the new cloud applications, decide who has access to what, simplify user access with single sign-on (SSO) and self-service password reset (SSPR), and protect your organization’s assets by setting the policies.

Azure AD can be your standalone cloud directory or an extension to your on-premises identity management solution. Azure AD Premium, which has even more features, is now available as part of the Microsoft’s integrated software package Enterprise Mobility Suite, so it smoothly fits with your whole Microsoft environment, including Office 365, Intune, and more. With powerful reporting tools you can see who’s in and who’s trying to get in, enabling you to identify threats and take remedial action.

FINd out More about Azure AD in this recording of a webinar


Intune gives users access to resources on the devices they choose without extra burden for your IT Team.

Employees now expect access on their devices from virtually anywhere. And now, with both corporate-issued devices and bring-your-own-device (BYOD), keeping track of who’s accessing what has never been tougher. Microsoft Intune makes light work of managing mobile devices, applications, and PCs.

With built-in security features, Intune allows you to manage iOS, Android, and Windows devices through your network directly, or via Exchange ActiveSync.

  • Device wipe If a device is lost or stolen, wipe your corporate assets from it remotely.
  • Secure When non-compliant or unenrolled devices try to access information, you can limit access.
  • Comply with regulations Set policies that ensure you are meeting your business’s obligations.
  • Save money Flexible licenses per user means you pay only for what you need.
  • Users love it! Your staff can work on the devices they love and enroll themselves into your service themselves. Quick, simple, and time-saving!


Cyber security is top-of-mind for IT professionals, with good reason: the average cost of a data breach is $3.5 million for a company, and one in five small and medium businesses are targeted in cybercrime attacks. And, attackers often reside within networks for MONTHS before they are detected, gathering an arsenal of sensitive information.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics – ATA – helps organizations identify breaches and insider threats by using behavioral analysis and machine learning algorithms to provide clear, actionable alerts on a simple attack timeline.

Reasons to love ATA:

  • It detects threats fast with behavioral analytics
  • Its simple attack timeline is clear, efficient, and convenient, allowing you to focus on what’s important
  • ATA continuously learns from users, devices, and resources, and adapts quickly to changes in the organization
  • Fewer false positives than traditional IT security tools, as red flags are only raised when suspicious activities are contextually aggregated

Read more about ATA

Let Oxford Computer Group unleash the power of ATA in your organization.


Microsoft Identity Manager - MIM and FIM

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) Which was Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) – is an identity and access management platform

Managing user identities is a burdensome and seemingly endless task. MIM/FIM relieves helpdesks of this with a range of automation tools  and self-service functions for users. Oxford Computer Group’s knowledge of FIM and MIM is perhaps the best in the world. We have written tools and components to raise its performance to even greater heights. We wrote Microsoft’s FIM and MIM training courses, and and we even train our competitors in this technology.

Read more About Microsoft Identity Manager

With mIM at the heart of your infrastructure, you’ll feel like an IT superhero!

Look at what it can do:

  • Provision, update, and de-provision thousands of employees simply, quickly, and without error
  • Save time and money across your organization
  • Relieve staff of having to remember numerous passwords – it’s single sign-on
  • Stay secure for sure! At last you’ll be in control – see who’s doing and has access to what.
  • Adapt rapidly to changes in technology and business practices
  • Comply with federal and state regulations

Read more about OCG’s identity Management Solutions


Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform

With it you can create new applications when you need them, and remove them when you don’t, quickly! It’s both an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). If your business is unpredictable or seasonal, you might be wasting money on resources, hardware, software, licenses, that you’re not actually using. Azure puts a stop to this. Pay only for what you use when you need it.

Depending on your current infrastructure you may wish to send only some of your services into the Azure Microsoft cloud. It’s secure, it’s scalable and it’s ready when you are. And your users will love the anywhere, anytime secure access. Let us help you.

Take off with Azure!

Office 365

Users love the familiarity of Office 365 and you’ll love its convenience

Office 365 makes life simpler for users and IT departments.

  • Users can access the things they need to do their jobs from virtually anywhere on a variety of devices
  • A suite of familiar Microsoft Office services – no wasting time learning new things
  • Online tools enable your workforce to communicate and collaborate with no fuss
  • Enterprise-class security keeps your corporate data safe
  • Simplicity! No more maintaining and managing on-premises servers
  • No need to back-up work, upgrade software, or renew licenses. It just happens over and out there somewhere!
  • O365 is compliant with industry standards including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA.

Here’s what Microsoft says about Office 365

Migrating to Office 365

Deploying O365 is not always straightforward, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Our partners bring extra benefits so you can fly higher Our customers tell us they fear downtime, security breaches, and data loss during migration. But we’ve done it many times before. We have already deployed more than seven million O365 seats worldwide. We’ll get your users provisioned into the cloud quickly and efficiently. Let us make your migration to O365 smooth, secure, and straightforward.

We have a solution for you.

Windows Server Active Directory

Unless your directory service makes sense, you have no chance of creating the secure, flexible infrastructure your enterprise needs. Without getting this organized, you’re going to find it very difficult – probably impossible – to move to the cloud or incorporate your legacy systems.

Our directory services solutions are based on Windows Server Active Directory (AD). Windows Server AD enables organizations to centrally manage and track information about users and their access privileges. It’s used by companies around the world because it allows them to gain unified management of identities and resources.

Azure AD is the natural extension to your on-premises Active Directory. It’s a modern cloud service providing identity management, device access control, and data protection capabilities for cloud resources.

Here’s why we like Windows Server AD

  • Lower costs Reduce spend associated with managing an efficient identity foundation.
  • Boost security Support applications and services on-premises and extend into the cloud.
  • Simplify management A single view of user information.
  • Improve compliance Use Active Directory as a primary source for your audit data.
  • Stay in control Secure access through permissions and enforce multi-factor authentication.

OCG Tools and Components

Our technical wizards have created a range of software, tools, and components, each designed to carry out a highly specific function in our projects to implement Forefront/Microsoft Identity Manager.

Our tools work in harmony with the technology and enable us to successfully complete projects more quickly and efficiently!

Our tools & Components save you time and money