Identity and Access in Higher Education: Effective Management of Multi-Role Users

When users can switch between being students, faculty and staff members, and alumni – or have a combination of roles – how can you ensure that they are provisioned and deprovisioned efficiently, and given the correct permissions in all cloud and on-premises systems?

Frequently changing user roles present a significant challenge for higher education institutions. At our webinar on 13 November 2018 we showed how you can improve your security posture and reduce help desk costs.

Oxford Computer Group’s Principal Architect Chris Lloyd talked about recent customer engagements and discussed proven approaches to automating the provisioning and deprovisioning of systems such as Office 365, based on typical higher education sources of truth such as student, HR and ERP systems – Banner, for example.

Chris also demonstrated how single sign-on, a flexible approach to multi-factor authentication, and other features can reduce help desk costs while significantly tightening your security posture.

Identity and Access in Higher Education: Effective management of multiple role users View the recording now!

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