3 Passwordless Ways to Securely Onboard New Users

Learn how Azure AD can help you easily and securely onboard new users to Active Directory and Microsoft 365.

A common challenge for many organizations is ensuring the secure transmission of first-time passwords to employees, consultants, interns, temporary workers, students, volunteers and other new users. Some organizations are reluctant to send these passwords via email. They instead rely on managers to provide the initial passwords, or use formula-based passwords containing personally identifiable information, such as date of birth.

Relying on managers to provide passwords has proven to be inefficient and insecure, especially as remote work continues to increase. Most organizations are not prepared to collect, maintain, and secure sensitive data for non-employees.

New capabilities in Azure Active Directory can address this problem. By enabling modern authentication methods, there is no need to send passwords—or even usernames or email addresses.

In this webinar, OCG Principal Consultant Michael Liben shows three methods of implementing passwordless, first-time logon to Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365, as well as on-premises Active Directory. The three methods are:

  • Using a Mobile Phone to receive phone calls or text messages
  • Email
  • Temporary Access Pass

Michael also discusses the possible pitfalls of these methods and how to avoid them. Sample PowerShell scripts are presented.

3 Passwordless Ways to Securely Onboard New Users View the recording

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