Governing Microsoft Teams with Saviynt Security Manager

Microsoft Teams is now well established as the go-to collaboration platform for many enterprise organizations. So much so that businesses are wanting to integrate Teams into existing key HR processes. But how do you govern Teams to ensure that sensitive data is secure?

Organizations want and need more control, including birthright provisioning, role-driven access changes, and proper succession management of teams ownership. Public companies and highly regulated industries leveraging Teams also require additional capabilities and reporting for secure operations such as access reviews, protection of sensitive data (PII, PHI, PCI, and IP), controls against misconfigurations, and compliance and audit reporting.

In this webinar recording, OCG Principal Architect Frank Urena and Saviynt Senior Solutions Strategist Dave Culbertson introduce several capabilities of Saviynt Security Manager and show how it can accelerate Teams management while improving data security and compliance reporting. Topics include:

  • Birthright provisioning
  • Ownership and succession management and reporting
  • Access reviews
  • Securing and preventing misuse of sensitive data
  • Implementing best-practice IT controls such as IT General Controls (ITGC)
  • Compliance and audit reporting

View the recording!

Governing Microsoft Teams with Saviynt Security Manager View the recording now!

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