Tools, Components, and Software

Our flexible, customizable tools add speed and efficiency to projects, and save you time and money

Once you’ve decided on your identity project, you want to proceed as swiftly and efficiently as possible, right? Our suite of tools enables us to do this.

During the hundreds of projects that we have completed over many years, our consultants have created tools and components to address areas where work is repetitious or very time-consuming. These tools are now a standard part of project development; they reduce development time by – in some cases – weeks, bring consistency to a project, and make it easier to support long-term.

This is evidently a great thing for you, our customers!  For many of our customers, our tools are a crucial differentiating factor between us and our competitors. We can get you up and running more swiftly and more efficiently!

Our tools and components are only available as part of OCG projects. We strive to provide you with the best service possible, and can only do so if the tools are used appropriately, and can even make changes to suit the needs of an individual project.

Read in detail about the awesome power of our tools and components!