MIM Extension toolsMIM is a highly capable and flexible product, connecting to any number of different directories, databases and services – and meeting many key business requirements. And that’s why more than 1000 of our customers have deployed it.

But even the best can be improved upon!

Over the course of hundreds of successful identity projects, Oxford Computer Group’s consultants have identified opportunities to enhance and extend MIM’s out-of-the-box functionality. Our technical wizards have created a range of components, or integrated third party solutions, that seamlessly integrate with MIM to fill these gaps.

Extensions and Enhancements

The result is several suites of enhancements that provide additional functionality, streamline processes, and reduce the need for custom development. Our customers get much more for their money!

We have also designed a range of flexible tools to speed up identity management projects. These are available on a standalone basis as well as part of our solutions.

Get more for your money

Designed to extend and enhance MIM, our tried and tested components are integral to our identity management solutions.

But we recognize that no two organizations are the same and, in designing a solution that meets your needs, our expert architects will undertake a thorough assessment of your requirements and objectives, your existing architecture, your existing and future licensing arrangements with Microsoft, and other factors.

In many cases business requirements can be met more effectively, and savings made on server and licensing costs. For example:

Alternative portals for managing your identity data, providing solutions such as:

  • Lifecycle management of temporary staff (not supported by HR system)
  • Complex employee management (e.g. multiple contracts and organizations)
  • A flexible UI with smart forms and better controls
  • Management of hierarchies, self-service “service desk” request

Alternative reporting solutions, such as:

  • Reporting on sync service (in addition to portal data)
  • Simple audit trail for the synchronization service
  • Forensic and point in time reporting of all identity data, across all connected systems

Governance solutions that can include:

  • Simple role management
  • Fully-fledged roles-based access control
  • Attestation/certification
  • Risk-based governance and analytics

Operational controls including sophisticated health checks with alerts and direct remediation.

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