Extending MIM Functionality to the Cloud

Microsoft’s MIM has long been the only game in town when it comes to synchronizing on-premises identities, and providing a portal to manage them – but many organizations are wondering how to leverage their investment in MIM as they move to the cloud.

To address this business need, SoftwareIDM has developed Service Panel, an innovative new solution that allows a staged migration of MIM functionality to the cloud – first by front-ending MIM, and (when the time is right) actual migration from MIM.

How are organizations using Service Panel with MIM? How can Service Panel enable your organization to extend MIM functionality to the cloud, now or in the future? Attend our webinar to find out.

Extending MIM Functionality to the Cloud Webinar January 22nd - register now!

Hugh Simpson-Wells, CEO of Oxford Computer Group, and Peter Sidebotham, VP at SoftwareIDM, will demonstrate:

  • The interface for users, customers, and partners (including forms that support auto-complete, drop-down population, validation, unique value generation)
  • How multiple systems can be managed from a single form
  • Authentication options (Office 365 login, AzureAD, AzureAD B2C & B2B etc.)
  • Workflows for approvals and actions
  • The “code red” feature that allows an admin or manager to instantly disable a user’s access quickly
  • Track & trace features
  • Search by specific permitted attributes or across all systems
  • Security settings (object and attribute visibility based on role and identity)

About SoftwareIDM

SoftwareIDM has a great MIM pedigree in that they produced Sync Panel which, as we have demonstrated in previous webinars, we consider to be the industry-leading solution for controlling, reporting and monitoring this key identity management asset.

DATE Tuesday, January 22, 2019
TIME 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern | 6pm UK
DURATION 45 minutes

Extending MIM Functionality to the Cloud Webinar January 22nd - register now!

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