Our tools and components enable us to successfully complete identity projects swiftly and more efficiently.

Building complex identity solutions is often time-consuming with many detail oriented tasks, so it’s easy for human errors to creep in. For customers, it can mean a long wait until their solution goes live, to say nothing of the costs of development time. At OCG we avoid this by using OCG developed software and tools.

Over the course of many hundreds of identity projects, our consultants have identified improvements to workflows and user interfaces – things that enhance out-of-the-box functionality. So being the technical wizards they are, our engineers have created software, tools, and components to fill these gaps; to automate and accelerate many repetitive tasks.

Our tools bring pinpoint accuracy, consistency and vastly reduced development time to our projects and that means we can pass on savings to customers in both time and money.

For many clients, the functionality of our tools is OCG’s key differentiator and an important reason they choose OCG as their trusted partner for their Identity Management planning, deployment and maintenance.

Enjoy speed, accuracy, and cost savings with OCG's tools

  • Integration Flexible, customizable tools designed for MIM.
  • Superfast! Significantly reduce development time so your solution is ready quickly.
  • Save money Spend less on consultancy and development fees and avoid potentially costly project pitfalls.
  • Seamless migration Save time, avoid frustration, and reduce risk involved in migrating changes between systems.
  • Security Consistency will aid ongoing support and reduce maintenance worries.

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Function Evaluator

  • Better functionality than the out-of-box solution
  • Reduces development time

The FIM portal service can run processes as a result of changes to identity data – these are called workflows. For example, when a new user is added, a workflow could establish a unique account name for them, or when someone wants access to a group, a workflow could ask for the group’s owner to consent to this request.

Workflows can be built up out of components called activities, and a number are provided out-of-the-box. The workflow component that does this is called a function evaluator and there is one provided with FIM, but it has limited scope.

The OCG Function Evaluator offers increased functionality! It can establish unique account names, or add a value to an existing multi-valued attribute (it can sit alongside the out-of-the-box one).

Try it free! It is available right here and comes with a help file to explain how to use it.


Focus on BRIX

BRIX is a tool that allows non-programmers to create complex workflows, and reduces the development time of your identity project.

BRIX is a set of workflow activities (bricks) that can be strung together to create complex workflows. Each ‘brick’ performs a clearly identified and often required task, and leaves data in a suitable format for the next brick to pick up.

For example, if we are interested in group membership changes, we could have a workflow in which the first brick goes and finds which group just got changed, the next might generate a list of those affected, the next might go and find all their email addresses, and another might send a notification email to all of them (using an email template which is also part of BRIX).

The beauty of BRIX is that non-programmers can create workflows by stringing together these activities. If they find that you can’t solve a problem, then that may be the genesis of another brick. BRIX already has over 25 activities (bricks).

BRIX is just one of our suite of tools which we can use to speed up your identity project: check them out here. We even have free downloads for you!

“Over the years I’ve used most of these tools and components in a variety of projects, and they continue to impress me as much as they do our clients.”

MathewOCG technical consultant