Extending MIM Functionality to the Cloud

Microsoft’s MIM has long been the only game in town when it comes to synchronizing on-premises identities, and providing a portal to manage them – but many organizations are wondering how to leverage their investment in MIM as they move to the cloud.

To address this business need, SoftwareIDM has developed Service Panel, an innovative new solution that allows a staged migration of MIM functionality to the cloud – first by front-ending MIM, and (when the time is right) actual migration from MIM.

In this webinar recording from January 22, 2019, learn how organizations are using Service Panel with MIM and how it can enable your organization to extend MIM functionality to the cloud.

Extending MIM Functionality to the Cloud View the recording now!

OCG’s Hugh Simpson-Wells describes the overall architectures and introduces SoftwareIDM’s Peter Sidebotham and Todd Mollerup, who demonstrate and discuss some of the features of their software. Topics include:

  • Identity Panel on-premises or as SaaS, which provides support for MIM, reporting, health checks, workflows, and additional connectivity
  • MIM server in the cloud detached from your AD, allowing you to migrate an existing MIM configuration, providing potential performance improvements, using a single HTTPS for on-premises connectivity (with no inbound connections), and enabling migration to the Cloud
  • Future plans for a “MIM” sync service provided by Identity Panel, again supporting MIM configuration migration, ECMA2 code, and eventual migration of on-premises “legacy” systems

About SoftwareIDM

SoftwareIDM has a great MIM pedigree in that they produced Sync Panel which, as we have demonstrated in previous webinars, we consider to be the industry-leading solution for controlling, reporting and monitoring this key identity management asset.

Extending MIM Functionality to the Cloud View the recording now!

Interested in finding out more about SoftwareIDM’s Service Panel? Contact us, or use the links below.

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